The United States of Boobieland

HAPPY NEW YEAR ! Here’s to hoping that 2011 is not full of so much suck and tons of win for all of us.

Also, If most of you are still hungover from the New Year’s festivities, you might wanna wait reading this blog post, and anything else for that matter. Sleep it off, and come back, cuz puke is REALLY hard to clean from a keyboard.


OK, Now as the title suggests, yes – we will be talking about boobs, and this place called “Boobieland”. For those of you who have looked at My Twitter page, you see that my location is the title of this blog entry. And some may be asking: “What and where is Boobieland ?”

Well there is some good news and bad news: The Bad – Boobieland is NOT a real place, nor is it a metaphor for the USA. The Good news: This place exists only in the minds of guys and gals – we can go there ANYTIME we want, and no passports required or nothing…And that’s just the way I like it.

Let’s go for a tour, shall we ? In Boobieland, EVERY woman is topless or nude, and have their golden globes either running free, in sexy lingerie, or a skimpy Bikini. They never get cold or sick, they love their outfits and showing off their curves to everybody. Oh, and they are ALWAYS ready for sex. Mmmmmm…..SEX >:D

Tour Over.

What’s That ? “How big are the boobs, and why did you skip that part?”, you ask ?

Easy answer: You see, Mazophilia (Breast Fetishism), comes in many forms. Some like them small, others like lactating breasts, other like them 100% natural, other like fake ones…and some, like me, like big ones. Big, round, juicy melons – The kinds you could suck on for a day. OH Yeah.  >:D

Sorry, My mind wandered. Back to my point….

The Points is, not everyone looks at Boobieland the same way – to think they do is kinda dumb anyways. “Everybody’s got their something”, as the song goes.

Sadly, not everyone likes boobieland – there are people out there who believe that thinking about women’s breasts that much is a person with problems, or a big-time Pervert with no respect for Women.

…and to that, I call Bullshit !!

A man CAN be a gentleman, and still find a woman sexy – who says that a gentleman doesn’t think about a woman in a sexual way ? It does happen, and it’s perfectly normal behavior of an adult heterosexual male. That does NOT make me or any other guy a perv, and that makes the naysayers an uptight prude.

The Same goes for women – yes, women love breasts too – Straight and Lesbian women love boobs just as much as men, and that’s cool too…There are women who have it going on up top, and it only makes sense to give approval. It doesn’t make them sluts, whores, or nasty – they just like a good looking pair of tits.

To be honest, I think everyone lives in boobieland, one way or another – there are many cultures in the world that are breast obsessed – it’s just the people are wired. If you don’t like that, fine – just remember that you are outspoken by us boobie-loving “Perverts”.


And that’s how EVERYBODY rolls in Boobieland – the land of boobies.

Now if you excuse me, all this talk about Breasts has made me a bit horny.

One thought on “The United States of Boobieland

  1. kenoboss says:

    Hello. I’m glad to be a part of “Boobieland” Long live boobieland , and it’s ruler PlayBoyMan

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