Thank you

I feel that the best way to end the year is with some Thank You’s. Most of them good, few of them bad, and nothing but lol. Most of you may have already received a thanks via twitter, so don’t worry if it shows up again, you’ve more than earned it. Finally, don’t worry if you are not listed, I still love you. 😀


Thank You, @TAYSTEVENS, for being you. You are a very down to earth woman with a great personality. Also, thanks for all the sexy pics you post in your blog, you look good in everything and nothing. Always be a fighter 😀

Thank You, @Condawg, for showing me that Mac users are not douche bags. Keep the pimp hand strong son.

Thank You, @Nina_mercedez, for your body of work. You are #2 on my “Hit” List, if you catch my meaning 😉

Thank You, Guy who can’t drive, for thinking it was cool to call me the N-Word for having the right-away at the crosswalk. Fix your car, and your teeth.

Thank You, Netflix, for being a great service. You always seem to have almost all the movies I’ve wanted to watch.

Thank You, Urban Dictionary, for being the #1 goto for all things geek speak. You are an fantastic resource of win. And Thanks for

Thank You, @Aots, For being the only source for all the stuff I care about. See you on the reboot 1/11/11

Thank You, @Illunatic, for being a crazy man on twitter. It always good to talk with you.

Thank You, Crazy Woman who yelled, “If You Want It Come And get it !” at me – you have no idea how to attract a man, and you did a great job thinking I was about to get attacked by your crazy ass.

Thank You, @ChelseaHandler, for being the hottest Talk show host I’ve seen on TV in like ever. I wanna get you naked, drizzle honey all over your body, and spend all weekend licking it off of you. (In case you haven’t guessed, I am a black man, and I LOVE Talking dirty to a Woman)

Thank You, Bit Buccaneer, for having some kick-ass music. “Welcome to the Internet” is my all-time favorite.

Thank You, Deadmano, for showing me how eggdrop works

Thank You, @KimKardashian, for having a fine ass !

Thank You, @Cocosworld, for having a finer ass than @KimKardashian !

Thank You, @SaraJayxxx and @Vickyvette, for being good friands with @TAYSTEVENS – I still have that pic of all 3 of you together in bed on my phone. It STILL makes a great wallpaper.

Thank You, @Twitter, for making Microblogging fun and awesome. I’m so glad I joined

Thank You, @LaylaKayleigh, for being a cool MILF. Yeah, I said it, cuz its true.

Thank You, @Corvinoandrich, for NOT kicking my ass after saying @LaylaKayleigh was a Cool MILF. I was just making a observation.

Thank You, to all my IRC Homies. I enjoy chatting with all of you.

Thank You, Playstation 2, for being the one of many things that help me feel better and relieve streess.

Thank You, Performers of the Adult Film industry, for starring in movies that get me turned on and drain my balls dry.

Thank You, Computers of mine, for helping me get my work done, and for holding all my titty and ass pics. I’ll defrag you this later tonight. You’ve earned it.

Thank You, for everyone on the internet, for showing me that there ARE good people out there who give a damn. I thought I was the only one. 😀


Here’s to hoping 2011 is more FTW than WTF.

Laters, Happy Holidays, and Happy New Year.

One thought on “Thank you

  1. Steve says:


    Thought you’d love this. The best music video EVER (in my humble opinion):


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