An Open Letter to Taylor Stevens

I know my next blog post was supposed to be filled with Thank You’s, but this is important. Today, I read the latest blog entry from my favorite Busty Babe, Taylor Stevens (@TAYSTEVENS). For those of you who didn’t read it click the link below:

I’m gonna reply to it, but I’ll need more then 140 Characters to do so. So here is my Open Letter To Taylor Stevens:


Dear Taylor,

I just wanted to say a few things about the health problems you are having. To address the the fear that assholes might wish you ill health for posting this: Tell them to go fuck themselves. They don’t have anything better to do with their lives, and telling a wonderful woman like you that they “hope you die” ? – That’s just fucking dumb, and they should know better.

Also, and I think I can safely speak for everyone, Fans and friends alike, that we got your back, Taylor. Good or bad, we are all in your corner. I have never met you in real life, but I can tell that you are a good person, and the only thing you want in this world is to enjoy life to it’s fullest – and I know you will.

And as for telling us all this, thinking it was not the right time for it – It’s the PERFECT time for it. I usually don’t celebrate Christmas myself, but I have always felt that this holiday is where you should be open and be compassionate to people. This was something that needed to be shared with all of us, and be doing so this makes you even stronger to face this thing head on.

I’m proud of you Taylor Stevens, and I wish you nothing but Good Times and Happiness. You can get through this.

Stay Strong, Busty Babe.


Wow, I think that is the best letter I’ve written this year. Everyone, Please RT the link to this blog entry, let everyone know what is up. If you wanna help out, you can Sign up and vote for her at freeones.  Vote for her at You can also leave tweet your support for her on Twitter at @TAYSTEVENS.

Thanks Everyone.


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