Why I kinda don’t like Kat Stacks

Yes. It’s true – I don’t like Kat Stacks… Sort of.

Lets jump into this mindfuck, shall we ?

Kat Stacks is a model who claims to have fucked and been fucked by every rapper that has a pulse and a dick. She claims to be something she clearly is not, and doesn’t seem to care that she has lost most of her “Street Cred” – Like she had any to begin with. :S

She claims to be keeping it real, but over the last few months it has been proven she’s as real as a bad boob job. And that is one of two reasons I kinda don’t like her.

Look it, I don’t care how big a woman’s tits are (well I actually do 😀 ), or how round her ass is – If she doesn’t have a brain to use, it means nothing to me. It’s a real deal-breaker….I can’t stand airheads. I’m not saying that they should be smart enough to run the Large-Hadron Collider all by themselves for 4 months, but they (Women) should have enough brain power to think for themselves, make the money AND know how to manage it, and not put up with drama, bullshit and Abuse from anybody at anytime.

My kind of woman 😀

Which brings me to my second reason I kinda don’t like her: her Voice

I you see a picture of Kat Stacks, you can get turned on in like 3 seconds. Take a look at this:


Granted, It’s not the best picture of Kat, but it serves it’s purpose – nice, big breasts, plump ass, sexy thong. I’ll admit – I get hard looking at this pic. But the second I HEARD Kat Stacks speak… *GAGS* – 160% Buzzkill. Her voice is annoying, and she proves that she has no intention of using her brain in any kind of situation.

I’m not joking people – she sounds like a young teen who developed early and thinks she is hot shit in a champagne glass, but is really a cold pile of white dog shit that has hardened after being exposed by the elements for 4 months.


If she wants people to like her, the solution is simple – she should just be herself. She is pretending to be something she clearly is not, and she needs to stop it. She may have a fan following now, but that won’t last if she keeps up like this. Ultimately, all those who follow her WILL get really tired of all that fake shit, and move on to someone who is real.

I would make a list of women who keep it real, but that would take way tooo long, and it’s like 3AM as I type this.

Now that I’ve said that, I will close this entry with the one thing I like about Kat Stacks….yes, it’s true – I would be a douche if I didn’t bring this up, but there is one thing I like about Kat Stacks – and the best part is, I won’t take long to talk about it-

Her Body. Yeah, that’s it. I mentioned it already: “nice, big breasts, plump ass, sexy thong.” – See ? Simple.

And now that you have read this blog entry to it’s end, I shall reward you with a pic of a woman with a firm round butt, awesome Breasts and loves to use her brain 24/7 –

Nicole “Coco” Austin:


^^ Now THAT’S a woman who keeps it real.

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One thought on “Why I kinda don’t like Kat Stacks

  1. Busty Lover says:

    I love Coco Austin she has a wonderful body from head to toe! She’s so awesome!

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