Where’s PlayBoyMan ???

It’s been about 2-3 days since anyone has heard from me on Twitter, and I’m sure that most of you are wondering:

“Where the flying fuck is PlayBoyMan ?! Where are the boobies ?!”

Relax…I can explain…

I’m working on a few projects that I need to finish up, and after that I’m taking a break – and after THAT, I’m gonna get to work on some new projects that I hope will bring in some much needed cash – Gotta keep my Pimp Fund flush with the green, know what I mean ?

Anyway, I’m gonna be gone till the summer 2011…..



I’ll be back after Christmas – THIS Year (12/26/2010)


While I’m gone, do a few things for me:

1. Vote for (and follow on Twitter @TAYSTEVENS) Taylor Stevens @ the @freeones Contest. Vote daily – she could use the win.


2. If you have any amateur pics of Busty Ladies, hold on to them: I might need them in the future >:D


3. Feel Free to suggest me for Follow Friday – I love those.


And finally 4. Stay Awesome – all of you on Twitter are fantastic People. It’s always fun reading and replying to your tweets. If we follow each other, You can DM me anytime you like – I’m not picky.

Laters All – And have a safe and happy Holidays.



PS: For those of you who don’t know what Taylor Stevens Looks Like:


What can I say ? Me Likey the Big Boobed Women >:D

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