Adult Film Stars + Condom – DVD Sales = Epic Win

Before I begin, I want to make it 100% clear that this is NOT an attack, bash or insult on ANY Actor or Actress in the adult entertainment industry. I have nothing but the highest respect for all the actors and actresses, and I encourage that anyone who reads this blog entry should tell everyone about it. I have read that an adult film star has contracted HIV. I do not know if the name or gender of this performer, and I’m not here to guess who it is. and this is simply my response to it. Enjoy with a grain of salt. Thank you.


If its one thing that can be said about me, I am quite the Porn Aficionado – If you ever want to know what porn movie to watch on a lazy Tuesday Evening in the Summertime at 9pm, You can ask me (BTW, Digital Playgrounds “Pirates”).

And its also because of my Porn Palette, I can tell you something that nearly everyone knows but never says: Actors and Actresses Using a Condom in any sex scene in any movie, is more of a epic win than a epic fail.

What bothers me is that their are people in the industry who feel that Adult stars using a condom will hurt DVD sales.

What. The. FUCK.

I do NOT think its should be anyone’s call to say when a condom should and shouldn’t be used in any scene in ANY FILM. No one should play fucking Russian Roulette with a performer’s health and well being.

I know that the Adult Entertainment Industry says and encourages Safe sex to its VIEWERS– but I also know that its important to PRACTICE WHAT YOU PREACH. Just thinking and saying what you believe isn’t enough – A good example: I have seen in certain movies a warning at the beginning of most videos that say viewers should always practice safe sex, and yet in the video/movie, you will, on occasion, see performers having UNPROTECTED SEX.

What is THAT about ?

Now it’s not all Ass-Backwards: There ARE Studios who have a “Condoms-Mandatory” Policy in place – Wicked Pictures is one of them  – They require all their performers use condoms in every scene, and they chose to suspend production just in case, which is a good thing. They’re are other studios who also have this policy, but I don’t remember them all, and I will not speculate who does/doesn’t.

The Industry can say to it’s heart’s content that the system they have in place is “working”, but in truth it’s not. It’s only prolonging the obvious: Someone will contract an STD and worse, HIV/AIDS. It just happened, so there is the proof.

The ultimate solution is to make a “Condoms- REQUIRED” Policy across the entire industry – every studio, New and old, big and small should have performers practice safe sex IN EVERY SCENE. The Fact that there are people in the industry who say that the use of condoms in their movies and scenes hurt their sales is like saying Water is bad for you.

Bottom Line: If you are in the Adult Entertainment business and support safe sex, then show us. ANYONE can say it, but like I said earlier, “Practice what you preach”. Roll that Rubber on, and show us the joys of safe sex. Let us hear the moaning and dirty talk, let us see the wonderful penetrations – and let us see people enjoying the best thing about life while being safe about it.

I’ll buy 2 copies of that DVD. I really will – I’ve done it before.

And just in case anyone thinks I’m being way to serious about this, click the links below:

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