What THE fuck is wrong with Fox News and Glenn Beck ?!

Before you start reading this, a word of caution: If you are a Republican AND you love Glenn Beck and/or Fox News, please stop reading now – If you haven’t noticed from the title, I’m not going show either one ANY love – neither one didn’t want to wear a rubber. OH, SNAP !

With that said, read on.

If you ever run into me, and ask me which political party I’m with, I will tell you I’m a Democrat – Ohio is a blue state, and I’m proud of it.

However, at the risk I might flip-flop my shit, I decided to see how the other side is doing – The other side being the Republican Party. So, how does one find out about what the Republican Party is thinking about our Current Administration and its Policies ?

Answer: Fox News Channel


The first thing I saw when I turned to the Channel was a show called “Red Eye” – oh, I forgot to mention that it was 3AM in the Morning when I turned to the channel.

One thing I noticed: EVERYBODY TALKS LOUDLY ! THE HOST TALKS LOUD, THE GUEST PANEL TALKS LOUD, AND….*clears throat* sorry – and they seem to be a little overdramatic for my tastes. And no I am not exaggerating, they really are loud.

After 10 minutes, I decided to turn off the TV and call it a night.

The next night, I changed back to Fox News. This time, I saw a show called “Hannity” – Not as loud as Red Eye, thank god – But more annoying than Red Eye. It just seemed so “One-sided” to me – The Health Care Law REALLY pisses them off big time – they’re not too keen on taxing the rich either.


Later in the week, I watched the Bill O’Reiley Show. This man clams to be “the scariest man on TV” – meh. Don’t get me wrong, he does make a few points, and he really isn’t afraid to speak his mind, but I don’t think he is scary at all – I’m also not sure if he found someone to play with that falafel (I had to say it).

*Click* Changing the channel to something else. Taking a break from Fox News for a bit.

A week later, I changed back to the Channel – And there he was: Glenn Beck.

I watched this show for 24 minutes – I saw him rant and rave, and talk out of his ass. “2+2=4”, he says. Really ? I had no idea *rolls eyes*. He was talking off the wall shit – I couldn’t understand this guy at all. He was like a conspiracy nut – there is something going on, something is wrong, but I don’t know what the fuck it is.

That’s what bothers me about this guy – He is Fucking nuts ! What’s worse is that people are flocking to this guy – He had a rally not long ago, and over 3000 people showed up. 3000+ people showed up to hear a mindfuck on legs bitch out of his asshole.


What bothers me more is that there are people who are willing to call a man with nonsensical ideas a “Patriot” or a “Hero” or whatever. The bitch has lost his mind people, WHY would you want to follow this guy ?!

You know the old saying about seeing someone jump off a bridge and wondering if you would jump too ?

That’s what is happening right now with this guy and his “Followers” – He done lost his fucking mind, and he intends to jump off that bridge and expects the loyal viewers to jump with him.

Glenn Beck is a Fail. Fox News is a Fail. Everybody on that network needs to take a shit and actually focus on something that really needs to be analyzed and discussed. Example: Coming up with ideas to solving the problems of this great nation and the world. I’m not saying that we can solve EVERY problem – but it wouldn’t hurt to try to solve the major ones.

Oddly enough, their IS a saving grace to the network – There is an Early Morning news show called Morning Joe (I think), and the female anchors are fucking SEXY as HELL !

For serious, how can a network so nuts have such hotties ? Ladies, join my Party, if only for a day – we Democrats know how to party !


Glenn Beck is Nuts. The Bitch gone CRAZY yo !

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2 thoughts on “What THE fuck is wrong with Fox News and Glenn Beck ?!

  1. nate says:

    Morning Joe is on MSNBC…

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