My First……(Part 2)

OK, yes. I know I said it wouldn’t be a long wait till the next blog post. I’m sorry for the long wait.

Let me see…..where did we leave off ??? Oh yeah – I’d click on a link while looking for Pics of Jana Defi, only to come across a blog that had a woman with big boobs.

They were huge. Slightly bigger than Jana’s. The only problem – the blog wasn’t loading properly – so I couldn’t see who it was. Worse, I wrote down the URL way too fast – looked like chicken scratch. I’m serious, I was using a pencil, I wasn’t even looking at what I was writing, it was terrible. All I had was the letter “T” and what I thought was an “O”.

So, thinking that I had all the info I needed, I disconnected, shutdown my PC and went to bed, thinking that I am awesome.

It’s the 26th day of my AOL trial. I turn on the PC, connect to the internet and pull out my chicken scratch handwriting/ doodle note.


I had no idea what the hell I was looking at. I could only make out A letter “T” and a “letter “O”. It made no sense at all.

I tried running a search on yahoo – no luck. I even tried to trace my steps on how I found her blog, but I was so tired that I couldn’t remember what I typed. Damn.

So I tried to decipher that messed up note, and all I got was the words “Web”, “can” and something called “ifri”. Fuck.

So, after all that mess, I continued to surf the web. Even got to too. I enjoyed it.

It’s now the 28th day of my AOL Trial. If it’s one thing that I have learned about Trying out anything, is that you cancel the trial BEFORE the last day, NEVER on the last day of.

So I called AOL. I waited to talk to someone for about 5 minutes. Finally got to a CSR (Customer Service Rep.), and told him I wanted to cancel the trial. For the next 35 minutes, that douche was trying to get me to keep the service like his life depended on it. “If you disable most of the services that you have, you could pay only 4.95 a month instead of 29.95 a month”

I heard that sentence about 7 times the whole time I was on the phone, which would explain why I remembered it word for word.

When the call was over, I had cancelled my trial.

I had still tried to figured out what it was I wrote, but nothing.

Fast Forward to Spring of 2007. I had a slightly better computer and I had DSL instead of Dial-up. Yay.

I loved that I could stay online and didn’t have to worry about disconnecting or remember to dial phone numbers. Also, speed what a sweet improvement.

I had still wondered though who that blonde bombshell was. So I went to – I’d heard that it was better then Yahoo at the time (BTW, was is and always will be better than yahoo), and I typed “ifri” into Google. The first entry I saw was “”, which was a “Webcam” hosting site.

Holy Shit. Talk about progress !

So I looked around the “Who’s online” section, and saw about 100+ people online. I was new to the site so I had no idea how to browse to site properly, so It was a bit taxing.

But after 7 or so minutes I found her. Saw a pic of her on the list. It turns out that her last name didn’t start with an “O”, it started with an “S” – her name is Taylor Stevens.

She was the first Webcam babe I ever saw on the internet. To this day, I still go to her blog and read about all her going’s on, and I follow her on twitter (@taystevens).

She’s cute, fun and her boobies are fantastic in just about ANY outfit she wears.


And that’s the end of the “My First…” story, Sorry it took so long to finish. I’ll try to post here more often.


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