Perez Hilton: The New Pedo ?

*Sidenote – The Post “My First Pair” will be up later this month. I’m still recovering from food Poisoning 😦 With that said, on to the business.*

I can now bash this guy. ^_^

So, it looks like Perez Hilton got in deep shit when a shared a link to a pic of Miley Cyrus’ naughty bits on a website. He is currently unapologetic and is fighting the charges of distributing Child Porn. If found Guilty, he could be registered as a sex offender, and face 15 years in jail….

You FUCKING Moron !

WHY would you do something so dumb ?! It doesn’t matter if she was wearing undies or not, it was not a good idea to share that with ANYBODY. Miley (at the time of this posting and incident) is 17 – she is NOT LEGAL. Taking a pic of her Vajayjay, covered or not, is a no no NO. Period.

If you don’t know how to do Sexting the right way,  just ask us – that is if you’re too busy enjoying being on that high pedestal of yours.

Yes, people can and often do go to that dirty place in their minds, but they can do so responsibly and LEGALLY.

And as for fighting the charges – HOW THE FUCK ARE YOU GONNA DO THAT ? It doesn’t matter if you knew if Miley was wearing Undies or not – you shared the link to the pic, everyone who follows you saw it, and most of them clicked it ! Shit, The fucking LOC (Library Of Congress) is archiving all the tweets…. Even they know you did it.

Fight my ass – You better plea bargain this motherfucker.

If not, you’ll become the most well-known Pedo on the interweb…and I’ll be OK with that – I can’t stand you stupid ass anyway.


Update/Correction: I just heard that Miley Cyrus won’t be filing charges to the dude who posted the pic on that website. I tweeted to @PerezHilton calling him an “Lucky, Stupid Bastard”. This was a mistake. Perez is NOT the “Lucky, Stupid Bastard” -no one really is ATM.

Despite not pressing charges to the dipshit that got this fuck up started, Perez can STILL be charged with sharing Child Porn with others. The same can go for all parties who even looked or possess the pic.

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