“The Right to Fuck”

Ever since I turned 16, I’ve noticed and seen my fair share of sexy women. And yes, I have said to myself “I would LOVE to tap that” now and again.  AND I have also seen some skanky women, to which I’ve thought “I need to be really drunk and stupid to fuck that, and if I do, no one must ever know that I fucked her”.

I have standards – I might look at the skanks, but I don’t want to fuck them. I may look at the sexy women, and I really want to see (or imagine) what they look like in their birthday suits.

And even so, on occasion, when the mood calls for it, I think “What if I had sex with that little slut over there? The one with no shame ? The one that dressed up and KNOWS she’s a slut AND not afraid to tell the world?”

And of course, I might bang that slut. And no one would care, mainly cuz they wouldn’t know.

You see, I’m single – no women on the side, no one to cheat on. If I want to have hot sweaty sex with someone and they want to have sex with me, I can do that, with little to no repercussions to all involved. You see I, along with all single people of legal age have the 100% right to fuck anyone who wants to have sex with me. If I wanna get a piece of lil’ Miss Nasty who’s giving it away for free I can….and I might get an STD as a result.

Hell, if I wanted to have sex with, oh I don’t know — that Michelle “Bombshell” McGee, I could – it would be my choice and hers if both of us wanted each other. (Not that I really want to, she may or may not like the Nazis, and I’m black so it might not work, but I digress).

And of course, as with anything in this world of have’s, there are the half-not’s…Yes there are people who have this freedom, but to them it’s limited. They are called “Couples”.

People who are in a relationship, can’t have this kind of freedom like us single people do. Guys if you have a Girlfriend, you’re supposed to be fucking the Girlfriend. Same for you ladies, if you got a Boyfriend you can only ride his pole. You know what I mean by that. The only exception to this: A threesome.

The same goes for married people – they have vowed to be loyal and faithful to each other til’ death do they part – they can only have sex with each other until the marriage comes to an end, one way or another. The only exception to this is if the married couple have an open marriage.

Sidenote: an “Open” Marriage is not one sided – both the husband AND the wife are allowed to have sex outside the marriage.

Now if you enjoy being married or in a relationship, that’s fine. I’m 100% happy for you. This is NOT about bashing Couples, married or not.

What I’m trying to say (long story short, and too late) is that if you are married or seeing someone, you still have the right to fuck, BUT it’s limited only to the person you’re with. The second you start swapping bodily fluids with some else, shit gets funky quick. That relationship ? Over. The Marriage – fucked, and NOT in the good way.

Now if you are one of those people who have brought your relationship to a nasty and abrupt end by having sex with someone else, well good news, you’re single !….But it will come at a price.

You see, you’ve hurt someone. When you cheat, you’ve created the moment your significant other they will find out about it – it doesn’t matter when. It’s just gonna happen.

And when it does, well…I’m pretty sure its gonna hurt them big time. Granted you now have the full right to fuck anyone who wants to fuck you, but you won’t enjoy it as much. You might be asking yourself “If I do this, will I hurt her just as much as I did my Ex?”

See ? Not so fun now huh ?

In closing: Yes that last bit may have gotten deep, and you may think I’m talking about people in general, but relax….

Unless you are Jesse James and you’re reading this, you’re fine.


One thought on ““The Right to Fuck”

  1. that was a good post. But you didn’t say whether you believe humans are naturally monogamous. Do you think humans are forced into monogamous relationships because society tells them to, or do you think monogamy comes naturally to humans? so many people are unhappily married/trapped in relationships. I think more people need to be open with each other about their desire to fuck as many people as they want, then there wouldn’t be as much cheating and betrayal.

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