Fuck those Wallpapers!

You know how you see those TV Commercials that offer “Hot Sexy Pics to your cell Phone for only .99 Cents!” ? I’ve seen them ALL the time (mainly because I’m up late in the first place), and when I do, I wonder to myself: who the FUCK would pay for these pics ? – let alone become a subscriber for 9.99 a month ?

And then, I remember the answer: Lazy bastards with a credit card, that’s who.

And the worst part ? The pics that they offer aren’t really that sexy – a woman in a bikini – Oh WOW, like I don’t have millions of those already on my Computer; And I can’t find pics like those ANYWHERE on the internet *Rolls Eyes*

People are being so tight-assed with their money that they’re buying nearly everything on the cheap nowadays, and I understand that – if you can find it for less, go for it. I’m down with that.

But to pay for something that you can get for free?  Seriously WTF ?!

If you are going or want to put pics of sexy womem (or for you ladies hot men) on you cell phone, believe me you can do MUCH better then these dumbass “Services”.

“But how, PlayBoyMan? How can I do better?”, you ask ?

The answer is 110% simple: YOU can do it yourself.

Yes that’s right – you can put your own collection of pics on your cell phone, and there are so many ways you can do it too – there’s Wireless Bluetooth, using your Phone’s Data Cable and special software. Shit, you can fucking email them to your phone – yes, IT’S THAT SIMPLE.

And the best part? No matter what method you use to transfer them to your phone it won’t cost you a dime. Yes that’s right – to transfer a pic from your Computer to your Cell Phone is FREE.

FREE I say !

So please remember, the next time you see one of those late-night TV commercials that offer “sexy pics” for X amount of dollars, don’t you dare think of signing up. Get your ass in gear and put your own pics on your own phone.

Oh, and as a reward for reading this little rant of mine, I’ll reward you all with this some knowledge:

Head over to Mobile9.com. (Twitter – @mobile9dotcom) They have a WIDE collection of Games, Wallpapers, Ringtones, etc.  and it’s all 100% Free ! – put your money to better use, people.


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